Kamran Steel stands firm with a clutter-breaking communication

Creative communication is the magic potion of advertising. It has the power to make a seeming invisible brand the talk of the town in no time at all. Independence Day communication by Kamran Steel has achieved what years of functional campaigns fail to attain. Stand Firm is one of the most valuable and creative campaigns of the recent past. It is the strength of the creative idea that makes the whole story interesting and meaningful.

All marketing and advertising efforts aim to occupy a permanent space in the minds of its potential customers. The process is never  easy. Being ahead of the competition is a herculean task that stands in the way. The most effective method to achieve that goal is to be creative to get the attention of the desired audience. What most brands fail to realize is the importance of brand value and prestige. They rely heavily on product attributes and functionality to gain short-term monetary gains.

Kamran Steel Independence Day campaign goes viral.

Take the example of Mughal Steel. The company does regular advertising campaigns and has one of the biggest market shares in the industry, yet we haven’t seen a single campaign aimed at uplifting its brand image. On the other hand, Mughal Steel’s competitor Amreli Steels grabbed the attention of its audience by a very powerful creative campaign Aap Ki Tarah Solid.

In this age of social sharing Kamran Steel ad has reached everywhere, WhatsApp groups and social media handles are buzzing with ‘Stand Firm’. It not only talks about the nation but also the brand whose main attribute is to enable very structure to stand firm and solid.

The idea that no nation can stand firm if it does not respect its flag is knitted in a very dramatic story. The drama comes when the protagonist says that he is also prepared to celebrate 15th of August, the day of Indian independence. At this point we share the surprise and bewilderment of every character involved in the story. A strong punchline at the climax relieves the dramatic tension. There could not have been a better dramatic technique to get the message across. Kamran Steel ad is also embarrassing for most of us who never bothered to pick up the buntings on 15th August. If you watch the ad several times to contemplate you will realize that the core message is that we need to be patriotic not only on 14th of August but also on 15th and the rest of the year. It is not enough to be patriotic for a single day. We need to work for the betterment of our country throughout the year. This practical approach will eventually make our country and nation firm and strong. Kamran Steel deserves credit and applause for giving a very constructive and positive message on the eve of Pakistan’s Independence Day

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