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Kashmir solidarity: Maryam Nawaz arrest creates divisions


There has never been a moment of disagreement on the Kashmir issue in the entire history of Pakistan. Irrespective of our political, social and religious upbringing each and every citizen of Pakistan stand united for the cause of Kashmir.

Today, what we most desperately need is to stay united and show the world that Pakistani nation will never ever compromise its stance on Kashmir. The rulers at the helm of affairs need to take all political parties, ethnic groups and religious minorities into confidence to devise a comprehensive national policy in the wake of the emerging developments.

Unfortunately the arrest of Maryam Nawaz by NAB authorities outside Kot Lakhpat Jail at this juncture of history is not only ill-timed but also ill-fated. The opposition is reciprocating with the rhetoric of political victimization. This is not the time to separate the fact from fiction. This is the time to forget everything for the sake of Pakistan and most importantly for the freedom struggle of our Kashmiri people.

Pakistan has alwyas stressed the need for a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir issue.

Apart from PML-N and other opposition Parties, notable journalists and reputable anchor persons are voicing their concern at the arrest of Maryam Nawaz. Pakistan cannot afford political turmoil in the country when its neighbor is literally slitting its jugular vein once for all.

The slogan that we will fight for Kashmir has always been misinterpreted. It is not meant to be a military war alone. The economic and diplomatic war is upon us. We have not equipped ourselves for the battlefield where the war is being waged right now. Modi’s visit to the US, Trump’s mentioning the Kashmir issue to PM Imran Khan and then India’s daring deed regarding Kashmir do make sense.

We are committing a same mistake that Liaqat Ali Khan did by visiting the US instead of Russia. Regional politics comes first than the international. We have a hostile neighborhood. Our Afghan border is troublesome. Our border with India is aggressively hostile. There is a conflict of interest between Iran and Pakistan. China is also circumspect in making major investments in Pakistan. We are precariously placed amid danger and destruction.

Pakistan had always enjoyed a love-hate relationship with the US, love from Pakistan and hate from US. Our desire to have a friend not a master is not more than wishful thinking. The PTI government is struggling to devise a dynamic foreign policy. We are isolated in the region and the world at large because we are internally weak. Our economy is IMF dependent. Our politics thrives on political victimization. Our PM has no other idea in his head than to abuse his political opponents.

India has spotted our weaknesses. The recent development on the Kashmir issue is a wakeup call too late. Corruption is an issue but not ‘the’ issue. The issue is that we have no policy, no action plan and above all no respect for the democratic system that has created Pakistan and the only system that could grand the people of Kashmir their right to self-determination.

One thought on “Kashmir solidarity: Maryam Nawaz arrest creates divisions

  • Although I totally agree with your main premise that this is a time to stand united as a Nation and put aside our internal differences, I would like to point out that putting the onus solely on the Government is misplaced.

    The onus lies on every political party in the country, whether aligned with the Government or the opposition. And this responsibility was first and foremost shamefully shirked by Maryam Nawaz herself when, right on the very day of abrogation of 370/35-A by India, her first tweet asked for taking down the Government and putting a more appropriate leader in place. Is that what we call rising above our internal power struggles? Is that what we call rallying for a greater National cause?

    After that tweet in which the Kashmir catastrophe was exploited as yet another ruse to score a political point, I feel we’re safer with Maryam behind bars for a while.

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