KFC Zingeratha: Let there be no confusion what we live for


KFC Zingeratha is a pleasant innovation and something exciting for fast food lovers. Crispy chicken wrapped around with traditional Paratha is a unique blend of taste and tradition. Let me confess that I have never been a fan of wraps, rolls and Shawarmas so I would try not to divulge on my subjective opinion about the ‘taste’ of KFC Zingerata.

Humans are at the top of the food chain. Their capacity to eat fruits, vegetables, beans, meat, hence anything eatable make them the most successful survivors in the animal Kingdom. The necessity to eat a wide variety of food led to the ability to distinguish between different tastes; bitter, sweet or sour. So, taste can be seen as a byproduct of our survival strategy. Today, survival strategies have changed but taste is everything we live for.

KFC Zingeratha is a delicious fusion of desi and fast food.

How many of us can have a meal if it does not taste to our liking? Most of us will not stand it. The sense of taste is so overpowering that we are ready to spend a lot of money for it despite the fact that the taste might come at the cost of health and hygiene. The basic necessity for survival is now the essential luxury for living. The culmination of food into taste and need into desire paved the way for brands, like KFC, McDonald’s and many others to make the most of it.

KFC Zingeratha is a small step in man’s journey to discover different tasting foods. The campaign that goes with it also raises the primordial question, whether to eat desi or KFC taking us back to the times when the prehistoric man was caught in the dilemma of choosing the food that would taste better and the food that would be nutritious and healthy. Interestingly, today the question is not whether the food is healthy or tasty rather what will taste better. KFC or Desi is a matter of choosing between tastes.

The TVC is very direct and does not beat about the bush to tell their target audience what they should have when it comes to desi and KFC. KFC Zingeratha is a part of KFC’s marketing strategy to target people who prefer desi food over fast food. But the communication does not reflect that idea at all. People who love desi food are not like to opt for KFC just because Zinger is wrapped around with a paratha.

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