Kia Sportage do things differently while auto industry slumps


New Kia Sportage TVC is currently on air. Making a TVC in/for Pakistani Market involves a lot of creative challenges. The first bit of brief that comes from the client is to make the ad look different and then there comes the most clichéd phrase in advertising “clutter breaking”.

The ad needs to be out of the box no matter how basic and obvious the brief. Kia Sportage TVC must have gone through the same rigorous and mind boiling brief, re brief and debrief sessions before devising the communication strategy.

Kia Sportage TVC explores the father daughter relationship.

Kia Sportage has certainly done a few things different. When it comes to making a TVC majority of the clients in Pakistan want to see their product visibly shown from the first to the last frame. They don’t want their precious air time to be wasted on the thematic mood setting situations. If you look at the recent or old auto industry TVCs/DCVs like that of Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Vitara, Honda BR-V, Toyota Fortuner etc. they all begin and end with product shots.

Kia has shown some nerve by giving the first 22 seconds to the thematic part of the TVC. It is later in the ad that we get to see Kia Sportage. The ad starts with a young father and his daughter. In the ever changing modern society and the tough financial challenges both men and women need to work to earn a living. In such a scenario the responsibility of a husband or a father towards the household is equally important. It is an important insight dug out by Kia to build the idea ‘Different is Good’.

We see the relationship of father and daughter which is both relatable and understandable for the target SEC B+, A and A+. Gone are the days when attending to the babies was only the duty of the housewives. This change in social norms and a different kind of a bond between father and daughter becomes the theme of the ad ‘Different is Good’. The product shots have been executed well that depict the full beauty and grandeur of Kia Sportage. The TVC invites you to experience the quality, style and performance of the vehicle with a message to be different.

Kia has done a good job as far as the creative is concerned but from a marketing strategy point of view it will be very tough for the brand to convert the communication into sales. The slump in the market is already affecting the auto industry giants like Toyota Indus, Pak Suzuki and Honda Atlas Cars.