Kuch Acha Hojaye, Kuch Meetha Hohjaye for teachers

Watching the recent Cadbury Kuch Acha Hojaye campaign I thought that it coincided with World Teacher’s Day as it pays a rich tribute to all the teachers who kept performing their duties during the COVID pandemic. To my surprise, I did not find any reference to Teacher’s Day. I was also not certain as to the exact date of the Day, so I checked. The World Teacher’s Day happens to be on October the 5th.

I always held the opinion that emotions, celebrations, and happiness ought not to be compartmentalized into the confines of time. Every moment can be and should be celebrated to make the most out of life. Kuch Acha Hojaye, Kuch Meetha Hohjaye campaign does the right thing to pay rich tribute to teachers at a time when things are coming back to normal, and the era of hardship seems over.

The interesting angle of the campaign is that it allows students to participate and send their teachers a gift. According to campaign dynamics, a student can visit the Cadbury Dairy Milk website to send a box of chocolate to his/her teacher. Students are also likely to gift Cadbury chocolates by hand as schools have reopened. The brand has done well to further lift its brand image while at the same time giving a forceful push to the sales.

Kuch Acha Hojaye campaign says teachers ko salam.

The overall idea is good and the execution is good enough to make Kuch Acha Hojaye stand but, critically speaking, the script and the screenplay could have been handled differently. When I saw the communication for the first time, the initial idea that struck me was the internet or the power of technology that made education possible amidst the global pandemic. The voice-over and the visuals did not give any other idea until a little later when it was made clear.

Teachers are the real heroes, especially for mothers who had the most difficult time tackling their young at home all day long. Kids of our generation, as you all know, are always a step ahead of their parents. And they are determined to have their way no matter what it takes. On a lighter note, Kuch Acha Hojaye, Kuch Meetha Hohjaye could have been designed from the perspective of mothers thanking the teachers for all their efforts and hard work.

The brand idea Kuch Acha Hohaye, Kuch Meetha Hohjaye is so powerful that Cadbury can make one great campaign after another for years to come. The first phrase Kuch Acha Hojaye is so sweet that the second line seems only a reaffirmation of the first.