Kurkure and the possibilities of ‘terha hai per mera hai’


Every time we watch a Kurkure communication we instinctively feel that it could have been better. The brand idea ‘terha hai per mera hai’ makes a lot of sense. It goes well with the product, but somehow the communications are not as enjoyable and funny as they potentially could be.

As the Kurkure ‘Terha Mera’ ad starts and the first frame shows Iqra Aziz with Hamza Tariq quarreling or having an argument about something, I wondered where I have seen this guy. The possibilities could be countless. Just to explore the possibilities, hundreds of pages, in fact a novel can be penned down on the topic.

Mustansar Hussain Tarar wrote a novel by the name of ‘Dakia aur Jolaha’ that explores the possibilities of a single and seemingly insignificant event. It’s a must read novel by the way. I am not going to dwell on the possibilities because luckily I figured out who Hamza Tariq was. Hamza is the lead singer of a band called Neon that recently participated in the Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

Kurkure dishes out another ‘terha hai per mera hai’ TVC.

Coming back to the first frame of the Kurkure ad, the squabbling between the couple, which takes hardly a couple of seconds, is interrupted by a guy in a convertible and Iqra presumably dumps Hamza for the apparent wealth of the other guy. This is the first bit of insight the ad uses; class consciousness. Here comes Ahmed Ali who stands for everything ‘Terha’ and the brand kicks in.

If you remember the Red Bull ‘gives you wings’ campaign you will be able to relate the idea with Kurkure. As Ahmed Ali tastes the product, he is transformed into somebody who can bring a twist in the dull and mundane life. This time this Terha friend is doing something apparently purposeful. He becomes the much needed help for his friend Hamza.

At this point in the ad Kurkure throws in another insightful point of discussion. Why can’t girls drive? It’s all about breaking the stereo typical image of the girls. They can do anything in life given the opportunity and proper education.

The story is twisted to add the element of fun and humor when Ahmed Ali turns the situation upside down to throw Iqra on the driving seat of the convertible and Hamza is pushed to take the front passenger seat. Mission accomplished.

The ad is too short to make an impression. It doesn’t allow the story to establish. When you make a TVC with some kind of story you need to give it enough time for the action to take place.

There is a funny video of Sarfaraz Ahmed asking for the Kurkure. The video went viral during the ICC Cricket World Cup. It can be an inspiration for the brand to explore a new dimension.

The previous communications were better because they were crisp and the story needed no elaboration. Having said that, it’s about time that Kurkure explore the other possibilities of ‘Terha hai per mera hai’ idea. The possibilities are always limitless.