Lifebuoy Shampoo committed to raising strong daughters

Around half the population of Pakistan consists of females. It would not be wrong to say that women are half the country. Their importance in our socio-economic fabric cannot be ignored. Due to a lack of education, and irrational cultural taboos, women in Pakistan have not been able to fight for their rights and utilize their full potential. Domestic violence is one of the biggest problems. Lifebuoy Shampoo has taken a step forward in this regard with a campaign on Women’s Day titled Tum Mazboot Ho.

Domestic violence is a social evil that eats into the very foundation of society. Education is the key that can undo the shackles of domestic violence. Napoleon once said, “give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation”. Unilever’s Lifebuoy Shampoo goes a little deep in the thought and comes up with an idea of educating and empowering young girls who would eventually become mothers any nation could aspire to.

Lifebuoy Shampoo make a heart-touching campaign on Women's Day.

Educating only the women is part of the solution, not the whole of it. It is essential for everyone irrespective of gender or socioeconomic classification. If men along with women are educated, they will be able to understand and respect each other’s rights and duties.

The term women empowerment is not intended to overpower men, rather it is aimed at creating a gender balance where both genders are given equal status and opportunity. The idea will gradually become irrelevant once the equilibrium is maintained.

Lifebuoy Tum Mazboot Ho campaign is strong for several reasons. As far as the creative side is concerned, the idea is powerful enough to grip the audience with its intense emotional appeal. The message the campaign gives is equally strong and compelling. In the whole process, the brand gets the due attention. The campaign elevates the brand image of Lifebuoy Shampoo.

The 124 seconds long film avoids forcing the brand in. We only see the logo of Lifebuoy Shampoo at the upper right corner of the screen. On a symbolic level, Muzbooti (strength) complements both the idea and the product, as the shampoo promises strong hair (Muzboot Baal). Unilever has made this campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights. At the end of the communication, a helpline number 1099 is given to file reports against domestic violence. Let’s hope that this right initiative in the right direction will bear fruit in the days to come making society a safer place for our women.