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Mailmunch: how startups are turned into success stories

All men are born equal with the same intellect and physical attributes, then why some of them achieve great things in life while others fail. Take the example of startups. Mailmunch is a Lahore based startup that has now reached San Francisco. There are hundreds and thousands of talented young entrepreneurs doing everything to be successful but success does not happen to everyone. What’s that one thing that separates success from failure; consistency.   

Mailmunch was started 5 years ago in 2015, the same year there came out a web series called TVF Pitchers. It was about 3 friends and an associate, just like Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, driven by the ambition to start a startup. Each part of the 5-episode mini-series started with a quote of a successful businessman. The most inspiring and practically relevant quote came out in the 4th episode by the most unlikely person, the rapper Jay-Z. “The genius thing that we did was, we did not give up.”

What excited me to write about Mailmunch was a statement given by the CEO Adeel Raza. He said that he had never taken any funding for any of his startups. Practically, funding lies at the core of every successful startup. If you have seen TVF Pitchers, you would know the important role funding plays for entrepreneurs. According to Adeel, SaaS (Software as a Service) companies don’t need funding to grow and succeed.

Mailmunch started in Lahore has now reached San Francisco.

Adeel Raza is also involved in two other startups, Minder and Unlayer. While Minder takes its name from Tinder, a dating platform, Mailmunch is inspired by Mailchimp, an email marketing service specializing in marketing automation. Within 20 years Mailchimp has penetrated across the globe. New, though successful startups like Mailmunch find it hard to compete with such players. The best strategy is to offer reduced prices. Mailmunch is already providing 50 percent cheaper rates than Mailchimp for almost the same services. This is where funding comes into play. With strong capital support, it becomes relatively easier to compete with bigger players.

Email marketing is the most important tool in digital marketing. In most cases, email marketing seems more effective than SMS marketing. If you have taken the consent of a person before dishing him/her out your email marketing content, your message will be heard. Email marketing should be spam-proof. Businesses, big or small, should bank on services like Mailmunch to utilize the full potential of email marketing without being spammy.  

As far as success is concerned, the rule is simple as stated earlier “never give up”. If you are good at something be consistent.