Advertising Matters

Mansha Pasha, Shahzad Noor embellish new Supreme City TVC

Advertising is a business of communication. It works on many levels of engagement and interaction. For a tyre shop only a heap of worn out tyres at the roadside will do but for bigger businesses and greater brands communication needs to be a lot more sophisticated and creative to get the job done. Mansha Pasha and Shahzad Noor has turned a simple promotion of Supreme City into a lively and enticing campaign.

Mansha Pasha is a renowned actor who is known for her versatile acting in both Film and TV while Shahzad Noor is also an established model and actor. Supreme City shows them as a couple that communicates the message of the brand. As soon as we see these familiar faces on screen, we involuntarily pay attention and our minds absorbs the information (job done).

The promotion designed by Bismillah Developers for Supreme City is tempting. It allows you to get a plot of your own on just 30% advance booking. The customer then can start constructing the house. The rest of the amount is phased out in thirty monthly installments. In today’s inflation hungry economic meltdown, buying a property is a dream whose realization seem implausible to a middle class person. As Mansha Pasha says in the opening line of the TVC “khawab ab adhoray nahe”, getting a house of your own is not a dream anymore.

Mansha Pasha in Supreme City ad

Bismillah Developers has a history of producing successful housing projects. Apart from Supreme City Bismillah has Al-Raziq, Bismillah Housing Phase I, and Bismillah Housing Phase II. The success of Bismillah comes from its adherence to the values of honesty, integrity, transparency, and commitment and hard work. Supreme City campaign, conceived and produced by Media Professionals and directed by Nouman Saeed, is going to get a very encouraging response from the audience. The celebrity power of Mansha Pasha and Shahzad Noor coupled with the exciting promotion will definitely create a stir in the real estate industry.