Meera in New York and the case of celebrities tested negative


No matter how forgetful you try to become to relive your mind of the tensions of COVID-19, the virus succeeds in finding its way to your head. Spending weeks on end at home listening, watching and thinking about Coronavirus has started to effect the psyche of most of the people. In my attempt to divert my attention from everything that is happening I started browsing entertainment news. I found a news about our film star Meera and guess what the news concerned more about Corona than the entertainment one could expect from any news concerning Meera.

The headline ran “Meera in New York” that made me interested in the first place. I thought she might be making a film in New York without realizing that nothing of the sort is possible anywhere in the world right now. So when I read the story I figured out that she was stuck in New York due to the current situation and cannot find her way back home. Meera has requested the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to arrange for her safe return home as soon as possible.

Meera is in New York while celebrities come back from Thailand

Meera is not the first celebrity who is facing this problem. Some weeks ago we heard the same story about Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed who were stuck in Thailand. Recently those artistes who were trapped in Thailand returned home safely. All the celebrities returning home were tested for the virus and all of them including Shamoon Abbasi, Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed were negative.

Since the explosion of COVID-19 the whole world is changed. There are problems and crisis that we never thought could exist. Celebrities are just the tip of the iceberg, there are thousands of people and maybe more who are stuck in foreign lands. All airlines cancelled their flights without prior notice in the wake of the crisis. It resulted in a puzzling situation for a large number of people. The crisis is aging now. What we need to do is adapt to the situation fast. Concerned authorities and government departments need to devise strategies to help those affected by this global health emergency. Meera will most probably find her way back like the celebrities in Thailand did because all of us heard her. But we should also think about those common folks whose voice we may not be hearing.