Political Economy

Meghan Markle eyeing for a political career to end monarchy?

BY ALI NAQVI – Meghan Markle is famous for many reasons, but politics is not one of them. Starting her career as a smalltime calligrapher she was not destined for petty things. Her bumpy acting career came on track when she landed roles as famous as Rachel Zan in Suits. Success in acting was just a small beginning for Meghan Markle, fate had other plans for her.

Marrying Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, proved to be a turning point in Maghan’s life. After leaving the acting career for good, the Duchess of Sussex busied herself in a new life with newer challenges. Her recent emotionally charged statements about the injustice and inequality in the world is a clear indication that she aspires to be a political leader.

Political systems evolve just like everything else does. The British Monarchy evolved into Constitutional Monarchy. The system, it seems, is calling for an evolutionary change. The abdication of Prince Charles from the line of succession was the first hint that Monarchy will struggle to stay in place after Queen Elizabeth II.

Meghan Markle wants to be a politician.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already grown out of their roles as Senior Royals earlier this year. It came out to be a major blow to the prestige and ceremonial status of the royal position. Both Harry and William do not covet the crown as did their forefathers centuries ago.  

A strong advocate of gender equality and women empowerment, Meghan Markle has now bigger fish to fry. Her statements against the Trump administration after the death of George Floyd suggests that the world should start seeing her in a different role from now on. “My work as a leader is more important than ever right now”, said she while talking to Oprah. She wants to play her role as an activist and do not rule out the possibility of becoming a political leader.

Politics is one of the most potent tools to change the world. People who start as charity workers and philanthropists aim to become politicians to bring about a bigger change. Prime Minister Imran Khan is one example of a charity worker turned politician. But unfortunately, Imran Khan’s social repute does not complement his political acumen.

Broadly speaking, charity and politics may share a similar goal to make society better and to elevate the lifestyles of people living in it yet both demand an entirely different skill set. A good activist or philanthropist may not be a successful politician.

The activism of Meghan Markle is likely to level up her popularity but in the arena of politics, she needs to come equipped with the right kind of tools and strategies to challenge the world and take on the British monarchy that has been reigning the kingdom for more than a millennia.