Mirinda is here to put a smile on our faces


Sometimes an idea or simply a thought sticks to your mind and runs in a never ending loop. There comes a time when you start seeing that rhythm of your thoughts as a pattern everywhere around you. In my recent blog post about Cadbury Dairy Milk Kuch Acha Ho Jaye I could not help but notice the similarities, rather to be more exact, contrasts between the ad and the movie Joker. The latest Mirinda ad is somehow doing the same to me.

Mirinda TVC “Jee lo apni fun side” is about everything cheerful, enjoyable and fun. The TVC invites us to be joyful, to smile more and put on a happy face. Is it that simple? Will it really help to gulp down a bottle of Mirinda? Does it have the power to turn our tragic lives into ‘comedies’? Can the sensational splashes of orange exterminate the blots of blood being splattered around the world in the name of religion, nationalism, politics and justice? Well… why so serious?

Mirinda TVC a colorful take on fun.

Let’s not think in the vein of philosophy or trouble ourselves with the paradoxes of deeper psychological intricacies. Let’s talk about Mirinda with a clear head. It certainly is refreshing to watch. It’s been a long time since we saw anything from Mirinda. Although the brand existed in the market yet it has been like ‘out of sight out of mind’ kind of a thing.

The most interesting thing about the ad is the visual interplay of colors dominated by the overpowering orange. The transformation of an ordinary place into a heaven of colors is beautiful to look at.

There is not much substance in the advert in terms of idea or ideas. It’s all visual and it serves the purpose to some extent. In the past Mirinda, internationally, had developed out of the box creative ideas to explore the fun element of the brand. Those were the ideas that positioned the brand differently than other carbonated sodas. Mirinda’s competitor, Coke’s Fanta, has also a similar positioning. The fun world of Fanta have all the potential to collide with the fulfilled universe of Mirinda. But unfortunately the two brands does not invest heavily on advertising, otherwise we could have had a great battle of the brands.

Amid the current lot of TV commercials currently on air this TVC does not come up as the most creative one but it is certainly the most noticeable due not only to its visual appeal but also the brand itself. It is good to see Mirinda reviving its communication and marketing strategy after a long time.