Mughal Steel: A campaign based on a powerful insight


The dilemma of a middle class family is that it cannot spend money as it wishes. There must be savings and even more savings. The dream is always to have a house of one’s own. Saving money becomes the sole purpose of life and, tragically, it eats up a lifetime. Mughal Steel has explored this idea in its new TVC for Mughal Supreme Steel Bars.

Developed by Aura communication, Mughal Steel TVC shows the misery of a middle class couple. Although the insight that the ad is built on is very serious and horrifying if analyzed in detail yet the ad is light hearted in tone and manner thanks to the legendary star Bushra Ansari.

Mughal Steel has made a brave call by taking Bushra Ansari on board. Her last appearance in Waves Deep Freezer campaign ‘Dadi Cool’ came under heavy criticism. It was a bizarre idea and executed that made Bushra look ridiculous.  

The advert starts with Great Bushra Ansari and ends with the wise words of Legendary Firdous Jamal. It also includes veteran actor Shehryar Zaidi. With such big names the campaign has all the reason to get the attention it deserves. The idea is powerful supported by good actors but the production quality seems lacking to go with it.

Mughal Steel could have spent a little more on the value addition of the production to enhance its brand image. The way the sequences are developed and executed has somehow marginalized the overall impact of the TVC. A good production with tier 1 director could make a lot of difference.

Mughal Steel TVC featuring Bushra Ansari Shehryar Zaidi, and Firdous Jamal.

The brand idea ‘Ghar chota bara nahi, ghar mehfooz hota ha’ explains a lot about the role of the brand in constructing a house. The idea has been translated into creative different creative campaigns but none of them could be properly finished from the execution point of view. The current advert is by far the best we have seen from Mughal Steel so far.

We save money for greater dreams. Sometimes the dream to have a home takes a toll on our lives. Just like Bushra does in the ad, ‘paisay tou main bacha he laity hon’, most middle class married couples in the process of saving money miss a lot of things, a lot of small happy moments that could be bought from the money we put away for bigger dreams that sometimes never materialize.

The point of the whole discussion is that when you are constructing a home don’t go for saving money, go for the strength and durability a home should stand for. This is the core message that Mughal Steel has conveyed through an insightful campaign that is most likely to bring good results from the marketing point of view.