Ndure corporate campaign: All we need to do is endure


Servis has finally given in to Ndure. The incubation days of the brand are over. It has now grown out of the shoe racks to take the center stage. Surprisingly, the latest Ndure corporate campaign is just another TVC of a footwear brand that is likely to struggle to compete in the ever competitive market.

The campaign lacks the concept that could expound or accentuate the idea behind Ndure. After watching the ad a couple of times one speculates whether the visuals were chosen to fit the narration or the narration was developed to complement the visuals. The voiceover accent seems pretentious and overcompensates for the lack of any substance in the ad.

Ndure corporate campaign fails to leave an impact.

Ndure is too young to fall back on clichéd approach to lure its target audience. It goes without saying that the world has changed. Business, marketing, advertising hence everything is evolving. Gone are the days when consumers were attracted by pompous audio visual extravaganza.

The campaign idea ‘fashion for every you’ is a strong statement that fails to become an idea. The TVC starts with ‘we are the ones who cannot wait to have Ndure on our feet’ is a blunt start that continues to rhyme without reason.

It is not all bleak for Ndure. The photography is creatively done. The product shots do well to expose the brand. Production value is up to the mark that makes the 63 second long TVC somehow bearable.

A few decades ago, there were only two major brands Bata and Servis and the consumers had neither awareness nor access to other brands. Today the consumer has access to a large number of local and international footwear brands. The trend of online buying and digital marketing has added a new dimension to the overall market.

Ndure has the muscles to hammer its brand identity and corporate message in the market with huge advertising budgets but there is nothing like a creative campaign that has the potency to strike the sensitive heart and the thinking mind alike. It helps the brand to position itself the way it likes in the mind of the consumers resulting in bigger market shares. Ndure needs to invest on ideas in order to convert consumers into the relationships of lasting friendship.