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Neelum Muneer may not perform the item number ever again


Kaaf Kangana, an upcoming Pakistani film, is getting a lot of attention not because of what the film is about but due to the song Khabon Main. The song is basically an item number performed by Neelum Muneer. If you have seen the video you will agree that this is by far the most weird looking item song ever with cheapest of lyrics and ill choreographed dance.

In one of her recent statement Neelum Munir said “I did this song only because this movie is a project of ISPR. Perhaps this is the first and last item song of my life. But you all know that whatever I do, I own it and I do it with pride. Pakistan key liye mari jan hamesha hazir hey. I am sure you all will go and watch this movie. Enjoy!!!” The statement is puzzling, self-contradictory and illogical.

Neelum Muneer performs Khabon Main for the movie Kaaf Kangana.

Her statement clearly states that had it not been for ISPR she would not have done what she did and she can never imagine ever doing it again. It also implies that item songs are unethical and highly unreasonable. It seems that by becoming the item girl she has made a great sacrifice for the country; does she deserve a ‘medal’? It also seems ironical when she claims that she owns whatever she does.

Can bad actions be justified if done for a good cause? If yes, then good actions should also be sanctioned for the bad ones. Does it make sense? Most will agree with the first premise without even thinking about the second one.

If Neelum Muneer thinks that doing an item song is indecent than she should have stood her ground. Her statement can do harm to ISPR than good. It is too shameful for her to do it again. Did ISPR forced her to do it? Of course ISPR has nothing to do with the individual choice of an artist. It’s unimaginable.

A few months ago Mehwish Hayat did an item number Gangster Guriya which was bold enough to spark controversy but Mehwish owned her performance. It was a performance she did not shy away from. That’s what mature performers do. And the hallmark of a mature audience is that it never judges the character of a performer from what he/she has to portray.

One wonders why an actress as mature as Neelum Muneer will say such a mindless and self-conflicting thing. You never know it could be a publicity stunt. Since her tweet, YouTube views of the video are nearing a million within a few days. Did she get the attention she needed?