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Nestle Raita, the chilling weather, and the campaign that matters

My LinkedIn feed is slower than usual, slower to scroll that is. I am looking for something to write about. Fishing for topics was never that hard. This is not exactly my style to start a blog-post like this, but here I am sitting in my bitting cold office writing my thoughts down. The scene on the other side of the window is also bleak, cloudy, and gloomy to say the least. Winters could be that disappointingly boring at times. Anyway, before I could close the Linkedin tab on my browser I come across a post that said ‘An exciting campaign by Team Brand Spectrum for Nestle Raita’.

Can you imagine Nestle Raita or any raita for that matter in temperatures nearing 0 degrees? For me, it was a shock to see a campaign like that in the weather such as we are having nowadays. The post made me happy, not because I was craving for ‘Raita’ but just because now I had something to write about.

Nestle Raita adds flavour to your virtual meetups.

If it is hard to imagine raita in the unforgiving winter chill, it is equally difficult to have a spicy Biryani or a peppered barbecue without raita. Interestingly, the Nestle Raita campaign is not about riata. It just serves the purpose of talking about something much bigger in scale and importance, sharing and caring while socially distant. The principle of social distancing amid COVID-19 is largely neglected by all of us. It is high time that we stress the importance of social distancing as the second wave could prove more destructive than the first one.

The campaign is important on many levels. First, it talks in digital language, a language we all now coming to terms with, be it online classes for school kids or work from home stuff for grown-ups. Online presence is our virtual existence. Secondly, the campaign is one of the best examples of content marketing. It shows how a simple idea with a clear message can be contagious on social media. The use of a couple of celebrity couples (Waseem Akram & Shaniera Akram, and Umair Jaswal & Sana Javed, has done the trick for Nestle Raita.

The video is meant to influence the audience through engaging content which it certainly does. Advertising and marketing are all about creating relatable experiences, something the audience can identify itself with in a social or emotional way. Brands that work in this direction do not get customers they turn them into fans whose loyalty never waver. Nestle Raita has done a good job and the team at Brand Spectrum deserves the credit.