New easypaisa app: spending money was never easier


Telenor has launched new easypaisa app and what a way to compliment it with a campaign that gets your attention. The idea ‘Baby take it easy!’ is interesting, entertaining and equally important. The concept of easypaisa itself could not have been better put into a creative campaign than this one.

When it comes to ‘paisa’ money, nothing is simple and nothing gets easier either. To earn money is difficult and to earn lots of money should be much worse. Enigmatically, the more money you have the easier it gets to multiply it. But no matter how much you have, it is never enough.

New easypaisa app is a whole new experience of spending money.

For a common man money is a responsibility. He uses it for paying bills, daily grocery, shopping and occasional luxuries. For him Paisa is a fleeting commodity. He may run after it but he is not likely to get enough. Middle class forms the core target market for easypaisa, people who need a solution to be at ease with their daily expenses.

Easypaisa TVC hits the nail on the head as it looks at the brighter side of things. It does not matter who you are, how ordinary your life might be, what matters is to be happy. New easypaisa app is the way to go about it. We are shown how an ordinary serious looking man can embrace the life of a happy one by just experiencing the new easypaisa app.

This is an invitation to live the moment as it comes. Spend money while it lasts. Money cannot buy everything but everything that’s for sale cannot be bought without it. The tune of Sajjad Ali’s famous song from the early 1990s ‘Babia’ gives the TVC a unique flavor. The fun filled melody goes well with the concept. The model has done justice to the idea by becoming the persona of happiness, joy, freedom and liberty oozing out from the usage of new easypaisa app.

Telenor has invested a great deal on easypaisa and the new marketing and communication strategy is doing well to engage the audiences. People are now opening up to the idea of doing away with paper money. Digital currency is making inroads while online shopping is gaining trust of the consumers.

Back in time when people used to trade with the exchange of commodities the idea of using money and later paper money could have appeared to be profane and obnoxious just as today most people find it hard to fathom the idea of dealing with numbers and digits. It takes time for things to evolve in order to be acceptable. It seems easypaisa has completed the difficult part of the journey.