New Servis Tyres TVC addresses the risk of being a biker


The life of a motorcyclist is at risk as long as he is on the road. The ride on the two-wheeler is a balancing act between life and death. His life is not just one but involves many others.

Sometimes the entire household depends on a single individual who goes out to earn a living. He could be a father with many responsibilities, a bread earner of a family or a young student with bright prospects in life. This idea is used to good effect by Servis Tyres in its new creative marketing campaign titled “Tum Girna afford nahi kar saktey”.

Servis has done well to capture the essence of the insight. The previous couple of TVCs had highlighted the brand through the star power of Shaan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Danish Taimoor. The adverts had nothing especial about them except the way Shaan says “grip Servis jaise to fikar kaise”. Though the brand idea remains the same yet there is a marked difference with which the Manhattan Communications has revisited the concept.

“Tum Girna afford nahi kar saktey” is well balanced between thematic, emotional and functional elements; a good sign for the brand communication to be successful. It starts with Zahid Ahmed riding a bike. The juddering truck in front of him drops the barrels. The tension that something bad might happen is heightened with the shot of the mother dropping the glass of water in some unspeakable anxiety. The brand kicks in at the right time. The grip of Servis Tyres saves the day. With a well worded voiceover the ad highlights the protagonists’ role as a husband, son and a father. The TVC creates another situation towards the end where Zahid Ahmed is saved again by the grip of Servis Tyres.

We are a society which is thriving on problems. This marketing campaign by Servis Tyres admits the fact that motorcycling is an extremely dangerous transport and that your life is at risk every day you hit the road, however, you need to buy Servis Tyres and carry on with the same risk but with a better chance of surviving the accident which is bound to happen.  

Servis Tyres are manufactured with advanced German technology

Motorcycle is not considered a serious means of transportation in the world because of just one reason, safety. The streets of South Asian countries especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are flooded with motorbikes. Does that mean that life has no value for us? Maybe the answer is yes. We have never considered this an issue worth debating. There are hundreds of accidents in Pakistan that kill bikers every other day. All we can do is put a helmet on the riding corpse. You will never find motorcycle commuters in counties having well-organized public transport systems. Why are we not ready to address such issues at the national level that concern the life and wellbeing of the common man.

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