Nida Yasir and family contract COVID-19 as virus spreads


As Coronavirus precautions are being taken for granted the number of cases are increasing at an alarming rate. Famous actress and morning show host Nida Yasir her husband Yasir Nawaz and her daughter have tested positive with Corona. The news was confirmed by Nida Yasir through her Instagram post.

As the announcement came out on Eid day, the couple told their fans that they were fine and wished them Eid Mubarak. They also confirmed that their sons have tested negative.

The Fans of Nida Yasir will be hugely disappointed as she will not be doing her show for at least 15 days, the prescribed isolation time for quarantine. The couple has requested fans to pray for their health.

Nida Yasir and family tested positive of corona.

ARY’s Good Morning Pakistan is one of the most popular morning shows in the country that enjoys a huge fan base among women of all ages. Nida Yasir deserves the credit for conducting the show amicably and for making it popular.

Pakistan has not yet taken Corona seriously. Neither the government nor the people are inclined to respect the rule of social distancing. As of now, the confirmed COVID-19 cases have exceeded 50 thousand mark and the number of deaths are over a thousand.

The relaxation in lockdown during the last couple of weeks in Ramadan is likely to hit the country hard. Cases will spike resulting in the deaths that could be prevented with caution. They are also speculations that the country will come under heavy lockdown soon after Eid holidays.

Celebrities, politicians and sportsmen around the world have suffered from this dangerous virus. We first heard of Tom Hanks and his wife affected by the virus. It is hoped that Nida Yasir and her family will safely go through the period of quarantine by showing resilience against the disease.

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