Advertising Matters

Nurpur turns basic consumer insight into gold

Creatives around the world, as a matter of fact, think creatively. Too creatively most of the times to miss the objective. When a brand says the idea should be creative, it implies that an idea should talk more about the brand, its attributes and consumption benefits. I remind myself again and again that the creative idea in the end has to serve a marketing purpose, increase brand’s sales and somewhere down the road it may cater to the brand image. The latest TVC of Nurpur, a brand of Fauji Foods, beautifully executes a sales pitch with a creative idea. The question is how?

The answer to the ever persistent ‘How’ does not come from the creative minds neither does it pop out of the heads of sales and marketing guys. It comes from the most important department in advertising we call ‘Research’. The answer they come up with is “the consumer insight”.

No idea, no campaign and no marketing and sales gimmickry can truly work unless it is backed by the strong consumer insight and market research. Each morning all of us have to make an effort to deal with our boring breakfasts. It is a common fact but for a brand like Nurpur it’s a valuable consumer insight. Nurpur pounced on this insight and created the ‘Breakfast Badlo’ campaign. Big ideas in advertising emerge out of well researched ideas and insights. It not only makes the idea great but also achieves the sales targets more easily and efficiently.

Breakfast is the most important part of our daily dietary needs. We tend to ignore this meal more often. Specially kids want something delicious and interesting every day. Nurpur becomes the game changer. It gives an extra flavor and vitality to your morning meals. If the start of your day is tasteful and energetic the rest of it will also be successful and fulfilling.

Nurpur Milk Breakfast TVC.

From the execution and production point of view the TVC looks great. If you look critically enough you will notice a couple of things like the commercial takes longer than needed to establish the punchline ‘Breakfast Badlo’. The sequence where the housewife finds herself in a quiz show with Humayun Saeed is also a little out of place. The creative team could have employed a different device to sum up the concept. Nevertheless Nurpur has done a great job. The campaign hits the nail on the head.

It remains to be seen how Olper’s and Nestle MilkPack responds to this campaign. How they dig out even more relevant and relatable insights. Maybe they keep doing what they do best. Maybe they would not bother and let this one go.