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OLX Self-Serve Platform: Tap 342M potential customers a year

There are several rules and principles on how to become a successful businessman. In a nutshell ‘create a need, and exploiting it’ is a commandment worth following religiously. If you have seen The Wolf of Wall Street, you will remember how Need, genuine or manipulated, becomes the driving force of a business. Today, we cannot live without technology. A need that cannot be dispensed with. OLX Self-Serve Platform is coming out to meet our digital marketing needs in the ever-expanding online marketplace.

Self-Serve Platform is an initiative taken by OLX Pakistan. It aims to give a lucrative opportunity to small, medium, and emerging businesses to advertise their products and services using the OLX Self-Serve Platform. It is estimated that daily traffic on OLX reaches as high as 950 thousand visitors which means around 28.5 million a month, and approximately 342 million a year.

Digital marketing is a number game. The more the numbers, the better the opportunity to turn it into a revenue stream. Advertising with the OLX Self-Serve Platform has one basic advantage. Visitors on OLX come with their minds already made up for shopping. These visitors often come searching for specific products and that’s where targeted advertising becomes most effective. OLX Self-Serve Platform lets you design campaigns to hit specific customers and demographics.

Advertise with OLX Self-Serve Platform to grow your business.

Unlike conventional marketing, advertising on digital platforms is cost-effective, target driven, and result-oriented. It leaves little room for a failed marketing effort. The emergence of the OLX Self-Serve tool is partly due to the radically changing consumer behavior in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and partly because of the spike in the smartphone users in the country. People using smartphones have now access to affordable mobile-data packages, an important indicator for marketers.

According to Farhan Khan, the man heading OLX Pakistan’s sales department said that OLX Self-Serve Platform was primarily designed to facilitate small and medium scale businesses. Small-scale businesses can now form a sizeable chunk of the country’s economy. Once successful, the initiative by OLX will go a long way in establishing small enterprises as an industry to be reckoned with.