Pak Cheers: Pakistan’s 1st online event management portal


Are you familiar with Pak Cheers? Well, if you are not, you better be.

As they say “necessity is the mother of invention”, knowing the necessity in advance is the father of innovation. Knowing your environment, your people, your time and knowing what the future encapsulates hold the key. Knowing and unknowing is basically the scale to gauge the progress of human thought.

The future it seems has engulfed the present by spreading its tentacles in the fabric of space and time. All things digital is becoming synonymous with all things human. The online world is penetrating digitally everywhere. Our lives from the morning wakeup call to our last bedtime story on social media is wrapped around the world of the online.

Pak Cheers is an idea never explored before, at least in Pakistan. The creators of this unique platform are aware of the changing social, commercial, economic and cultural norms of the modern world. It’s an event management portal, billed as the most authentic and the only one stop solution available online.

Find the largest collection of latest bridal dresses on Pak Cheers.

When you plan a wedding or any other corporate or social gathering, it involves a lot of arrangements to be made. From food to catering and from photography to décor Pak Cheers allows you to select the best options near you with a single click. Operational in Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Multan the site offers, along with basic event management services, the options to choose from top jewelry, fashion & makeup brands and services.

It’s a great platform for both users and vendors. A vendor once registered to Pak Cheers will be open to a huge market online. The portal is already making inroads in the online marketplace. To be an online market leader, it is imperative to come up with fresh and unique ideas. Pakweels, Rozee and Zameen are case studies of how these local online portals succeeded by capitalizing on the first mover advantage. Pak Cheers certainly has the competitive edge for being the first online event management portal.  

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In an age where physical movement is expense both in terms of time and money, online solutions are the need of the hour. With an impressive start, Pak Cheers seems fated to create a massive impact in the lives of users and vendors alike.

Products and Services offered by Pak Cheers are:

Banquet Halls

Event Planners



Video & Photographers

Beauty Salons



Sweets & Bakers