Pak Suzuki digs out important insights for Alto campaign


The car for the new generation by Pak Suzuki is now up for grabs on dealerships. Driven by love, relationships, friendships and passion All New Alto 2019 having a 660cc engine boasts of Japanese technology and design. It comes with automatic transmission, power steering, power windows, navigation system and most importantly SRS air bags for driver and passenger safety.

Through the launch ad Pak Suzuki has positioned the car on young achievers who start their practical life on a high note. The TVC starts with a young chap getting his new car from Suzuki Dealership. It is a little slow to start with. But as soon as the voice over kicks in, it gets livelily and interesting. The celebration of buying a new car is similar to the festivity of a wedding. The car is compared to a bride that is welcomed by the new household.

The ad is developed on small things what we usually do with our cars. Some people tie a black cloth to the car to ward off the evil eye. Some hang the travel prayer with the rearview mirror. The TVC seamlessly moves towards the part where it talks about friends.

Pak Suzuki.has officially launched All New Suzuki Alto in Pakistan by

The narrative is interesting and the voice of Mohib Mirza makes it even better. The TVC encapsulates all those people who could come in contact with the car, family, friends and neighbors. The campaign connects easily with young generation while highlighting some of the core features of the car including the fuel efficiency.

Pak Suzuki has done well to come up with a thematic TVC rather than just highlighting the features with beauty shots of the car. All New Alto has replaced Mehran. This communication will have to do well to establish the car in the hatchback market. The price range from 1 million to 1.295 million is reasonable considering the features the car is offering. With rising inflation and decreasing buying power of the people it remains to be seen how well the car performs in the automobile market.      

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