Peek Freans Sooper: a deceptively simple campaign

Advertising is a difficult art to master. It is a study not only in brand management and market analysis but also a subject of social behaviors, cultural norms and developing economic conditions of a geographical location. Peek Freans Sooper in its latest campaign has taken a detour from conventional approach to advertising and run of the mill marketing strategies to something acutely emotional and deeply heartwarming.

David Mackenzie Ogilvy, father of advertising, once said “If you want to be interesting be interested”. In other words you cannot learn to swim unless jump into the river. To develop campaigns that consumers might be interested in the marketers need to be interested in the consumers; how they think, what they like, what puts them off and how they might react to certain stimulus.

Peek Freans Sooper has taken a bold step to peep into the inner universe of the consumers by engaging them on an emotional level. Mostly emotional campaigns, especially in our part of the world, would invoke the feelings of either fear, sadness or happiness but hardly do they disturb the stings of deepest human emotion of joy coming out of seemingly ordinary experiences.

Peek Freans Sooper has developed a series of ads that are unified by romantically articulated narrations and a soothing background music. Sooper – Seedhi Saadi Khushi Ka Maza – Ek Dupahir captures the essence of joy that could be made eternal by as insignificant a game as Snakes and Ladders. The other one titled ‘Aik Chhat’ is a story of a rooftop waiting to have somebody to share the experience of a beautiful starry night. This 66-second snippet has no action, no story yet it grips the audience with the sheer idea of sitting alone on a rooftop watching the stars shine brighter than ever.

The third one ‘Woh Sukoon’ is the best of the three. It is so powerful that even without narration it could have said all. There can be no place on earth as comforting and relaxing as the lap of the mother. We all can relate to this feeling. Peek Freans Sooper has not pushed the product forcefully to give mileage to the brand. It has gone an extra mile to connect with the consumer that actually matters.

Peek Freans Sooper Seedhi Saadi Khushi Ka Maza.

The campaign is also very different to the earlier ones by Peek Freans Sooper. This marketing strategy may not show results in terms of sales but in the long term this camping will greatly benefit the brand.