Pepsi Battle of the Bands: the end of a great beginning for Auj


Life is a constant struggle. Every end is always a new beginning in disguise. Though the epic Pepsi Battle of the Bands has ended, yet a great journey is about to begin for Auj.

To say that the classical and the most talented Auj has won the fourth edition of Pepsi Battle of the Bands is to state the obvious. Two weeks ago when Auj performed Raat, the show had ended there and then. The grand finale appears to be just a ceremonial end to an overwhelming show of musical brilliance.

In a way, Auj has hugely disappointed the fans and followers of Pepsi Battle of the Bands by extinguishing all the excitement, thrill and suspense as to which band will win. They made it obvious. They made it inevitable as if they were destined to achieve this.   

Auj wins Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

The whole country is buzzing with the success of Auj, the band. It is exceeding important to realize that success is a fruit of hard work, dedication, passion and the journey of relentless determination. Pepsi Battle of the Bands is as much about the success of Auj as it is about the great struggle of talented bands like Aarish, Esharp, Starzone, Marjaan, Black Hour, Neon, Uraan, Seismic Tremors, Skehlaaj, Jhoot and Mousiqa. Their efforts should not go unappreciated. Especially Aarish that has taught us never to give up on your dreams.

We all know how difficult it is to be musicians in a society like ours. There are socio-economic pressures one has to deal with while pursuing a passion for music. We have just heard the moving story of Auj. Each and every band member has faced the dilemmas of social living we can all relate with.

Behind every success or failure there is a story we don’t usually know about. It is that story that matters the most. The story that defines who you are and what you will eventually become.

Pepsi deserves appreciation for bringing together the best music talent from across the country. Since the early 1990s Pepsi has been doing a great job to promote pop and rock music in Pakistan. The fourth season will go a long way in raising the brand image of Pepsi. We hope that Pepsi will keep supporting fresh music in Pakistan.

Saad Munawar, Director Marketing Pepsi Co concluded the season by awarding the winner trophy to Auj. The moment of victory, the memory of celebration and the feeling of joy will remain etched in the hearts of every Auj fan for the years to come.  

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