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Priyanka Chopra: UN Goodwill Ambassador or a warmonger?


Human history is as much a history of violent conflicts and unabated wars as it is about striving for peace. Conflict is natural, war can be inevitable. But the important thing is, if you are in your right mind and haven’t lost your sanity yet, to work for peace. Priyanka Chopra’s stance on war and Pak-India relations is astonishing.

Priyanka is UN Goodwill Ambassador. She is also an artist whose work is supposed to dissolve boundaries and bring people together. How could she support war? It all started with Priyanka speaking at Beautycon where she was severely criticized by Ayesha Malik, a Pak-US girl. She called Priyanka Chopra a hypocrite for supporting the Indian Army.

“You’re a UNICEF ambassador for peace and you’re encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan. There’s no winner in this.” Said Ayesha. Her mic was taken away while she was speaking. Replying to the accusations Priyanka Chopra tied to clarify her position by saying that she did not support war, she supported the Indian Army as a patriot.

Her remarks have sparked a controversy. A UN Ambassador represents all the nations of the world. How could Priyanka Chopra stoop as low as to satiate her national bias? You pick a side if you are a warmonger. You speak for all if you are a peace loving at heart.

Pakistani model and actress Armeena Khan, has petitioned against the Indian celebrity in a letter to UNICEF. The letter has demanded strict action against Priyanka. The open letter addressed to Henrietta H Fore Executive Director UNICEF also demands the removal of Priyanka as UN ambassador.

Priyanka Chopra UN Ambassador should talk about peace between India and Pakistan.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari has also demanded the removal of Priyanka as UN Ambassador. In her tweet Shireen Mazari said “@UNICEF needs to remove Priyanka Chopra as its ambassador immediately in the wake of her support for Indian mly (military) and rogue Modi govt. Otherwise it makes a mockery of such appointments. UNICEF should really be more careful on whom it appoints to these honorary positions.”

UN is a prestigious organization. It should stay away from individuals who support army, any army, and fail to rise of above their regional and national prejudices.  

If she is really a peace loving person and truly deserves to be UN Ambassador she ought to have spoken on the Kashmir issue. She must have condemned the recent atrocities in Kashmir. PM Modi should have been criticized. She should have urged the UN for Peaceful settlement of the issue. If not, she is not more than a blind patriot let alone a UN Ambassador.