Pureit Germ Kit unavailability could become a major health issue


Unilever Pureit water purifier, launched in 2013, is lying idle, empty and frustratingly waterless in a large number of homes around the country due to unavailability of the Germ Kit.

The Germ Kit of Pureit vanished from the market more than three months ago. Unilever representatives are sitting clueless in call centers only adding fuel to the fire by giving false hope to the people that the kit will be available in a few days’ time. But the days are ticking by with no sign of the Germ Kit.  

Pureit Germ Kit is not available in the market. Tap water is extremely dangerous.

People are forced to use either tap water or from filtration plants that are not regularly checked for maintenance. Drinking unsafe water could cause water borne diseases with the risk of infections, diarrhea and hepatitis.

Pureit was launched with a price tag of around 9 thousand. The major concern for the consumer at that time was the after sale services as well as the availability of replaceable parts. Unilever has always been reassuring to the customers that there would be no such issues.

The current situation is getting hopelessly annoying for consumers. The company is not providing the kit despite the fact that the price has gone up from Rs.1500 to Rs.1900. The local dealerships have also gone out of stock.

Safe and pure drinking water has become a luxury. In the last decade or so, the quality of drinkable water has lowered to alarming rates. It is also feared that around the year 2025 the access to drinkable water would be most difficult. Due to extensive urbanization and lack of dams, fresh water from rains and floods drain out to sea instead of adding to the groundwater table.    

Unilever Pureit has been one of the most reliable sources of purified drinking water requiring no power source. As Unilever claims, Pureit water is as safe as boiled water.

The aim of Unilever Pureit was to protect and improve the lives of the people of Pakistan by offering them a home based solution to their drinking water needs.

It seems the aim or vision of the company is not more than a marketing strategy to lure consumers. The company should be aware of the fact that thousands of families, maybe more, depend on Pureit water. All necessary arrangements should be made to make Unilever Pureit Germ Kit available to the people who are at the risk of water borne diseases.