QMobile climbs higher on the brand ladder

Questions are often spontaneous, innocent and curious. Kids are encouraged to ask questions but as they grow older their freedom to do so is confined to claustrophobic proportions. Brands rarely create marketing communications based on thoughtful ideas and concepts. The latest TVC of QMobile ‘Kyun kay Q hai sab kay liye!’ is a case in point.

It starts with the voiceover ‘pocho kyun’ (ask why) and then it goes on to say that QMobile is the ultimate answer to the needs and aspirations of the people of Pakistan. The entire narrative is interesting and thoughtful. But if you watch the TVC again and listen carefully, you might get hooked to the very first words ‘pocho kyun’, which is also a call to action in some way.

On ‘pocho kyun’ depends everything. It is this very approach that changed the face of the earth. Humans are the only animals on the planet who can ask questions and also the sole species that could dare to look for answers. Homo sapiens became mankind when they acquired the capacity to doubt. Without doubt a question is not possible.

As doubts lead to questions, questions lead to answers based on logical and rational thinking that usually comes in direct conflict with the established political, social, and economic norms. In the past, those who formulated new ideas and shared scientific discoveries with the world were poisoned, burned, imprisoned, or beheaded. Now the world is in a flux, and it is imperative to keep pace with this constantly changing world.

The society we live in does not like questions and doubts to be placed above the dictates of the established authority. QMobile’s TVC concept is unique in the sense that it steps into the realm of revolutionary ideas. A nation, who could doubt and question, can brew the most powerful of revolutions known to history.

The advert strikes all the right notes. It talks about equality and that everyone has the right to use technology. QMobile deserves the credit for introducing low-priced handsets that reshaped the dynamics of the smartphone market. The brand allowed the common man to benefit from android technology and be a part of the internet revolution. The 70-sec long TVC also highlights the emotions of friendship, love, and family togetherness.

This TVC is also an indication that the brand is coming out of the celebrity endorsement phase. The new creative marketing strategy looks to build a relationship with consumers based on emotional bonding and inspirational ideas. This thoughtful marketing campaign has certainly pushed QMobile one step higher on the brand ladder.

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  • Salam Pakistan And I’m using Qmobiles To
    last Three years These good mobile for us but create one problem the camera result is not fine I’m request to qmobil company please salow this 📷 camera problems Thanks…

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