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Rahber Eagle Star: Cool TVC with cooler Fawad Khan?

Celebrities, as we usually put it, are stars. Stars are hard to reach. Harder for companies that may not have the largest of business volumes. But it will not be appropriate to substantiate Rahber Eagle Star in terms of business volume without solid statistical evidence, yet it can still be said that the company did not enjoy the status of a “brand”. Even if we try to position it, it is exceedingly difficult to find the category for its products in the first place.

We did not see much of Fawad Khan in the last few years. Critics who thought that the star-power was peeling away from him were proved wrong. The Legend of Maula Jatt took his career to the next level. Usually multinational FMCG brands have the budgets to sign famous celebrities at the zenith of their professional career. One wonders how Rahber Eagle Star pulled this off.

Rahber Eagle Star Fawad Khan ad

When I first saw the Rahber Water Cooler ad a couple of weeks ago, I thought the commercial belonged to the early part of Fawad’s career. I was curious but could not fathom the idea that the campaign was actually recently conceived and executed. Before my curiosity could kill the cat, I searched the TVC on YouTube. I was wrong. The ad was uploaded a couple of weeks ago. I then searched Rahber’s Facebook page. It was studded with Fawad Khan creatives. Hmmm…, I thought. That was more like it.

The idea of the ad is a good one. It is subtle but with a very clear message. It is one of those creative ads that delivers the message directly without compromising the creative idea. Usually when a creative idea is conceived, it connects indirectly with the product or its offering. The more direct the connection the less creative the idea. The creative agency of Rahber Eagle Star deserves credit for making the communication seem effortless and so spontaneous while delivering the core message with full force.

From execution point of view things could be improved to create more drama. Fawad Khan wearing a jacket and complaining the water to be cold doesn’t add to the drama. The director could have established extreme hot and humid atmosphere where one doesn’t expect the water to be that cold. Overall the production quality could have been improved.

Rahber Eagle Star has not used The Maula Jatt star for just one ad. If you study their social media pages you would see static and video content featuring Fawad Khan. He is their brand ambassador. Rahber may or may not be the market leader in its category but one thing is certain that now it has become a brand. A name people will form associations with. Good products don’t sell. Products whose idea is effectively communicated to its potential users sell. To communicate the very idea of your product you need effective marketing and advertising strategy. Rahber Eagle Star seems to have fully understood the value and importance of effective advertising.