Reason and all the more reason why you should know the brand

The reason why price hike is most difficult to control is ‘the middleman’. In fact, in our market, there is not just ‘a’ middleman rather a series of middlemen that take the price to a much higher level. Cutting the middleman out has never been easy. Many practical and logistical hurdles make the process a mammoth task. But Reason has done it.

Reason by Orient is an online electronics and home appliances brand that claims to be Pakistan’s first D2C (Direct to Consumer) brand. It’s a subsidiary of OGC. The brand aims to offer innovative, stylish, IoT enabled, user-friendly and affordable products to its consumers.

In today’s world technology is the most powerful tool for problem-solving. When it comes to innovative ideas and technologies you cannot keep Orient’s Abdul Rehman Talat out of the picture. Reason is the brainchild of Mian Abdul Rehman Talat who already has several successful tech initiatives under his belt. As Director Sales and Marketing Orient Group of Companies, he introduced the DC inverter technology in Pakistan. It was this groundbreaking initiative that shifted the air-conditioner market from fixed-speed to DC inverter. He is also working on several digital and tech-related projects as CEO BlueEast.

Reason is an online brand that offers wide range of products.

Let me confess my ignorance that I did not know about Reason up to this time. I have a keen eye for things happening in business, marketing, and advertising circles yet I was not aware of the brand. A brand built primarily for consumer benefit must have strong communication with its audience. Advertising, as some wise man once said, is not an expense it is an investment. In the case of Reason, it is a one-time investment. Once the brand is established the customers will keep multiplying without the need to spend on advertising.

Conventional advertising for a brand that is yet to mature may not be worthwhile. On the other hand, digital platforms are much cheaper and more targeted, and effective. Since it is an online brand its online presence counts the most. I also came to know about the brand from a LinkedIn post by Abdul Rehman Talat.

Since COVID-19 the value, as well as the utility of e-commerce, has become more pronounced. Reason could not have been launched at a better time. The brand has immense potential and a proven track record in the shape of the OGC legacy. But that may not be enough. The only thing lacking is a comprehensive digital media strategy to make the brand public.