Rooh Afza Zindagi Mubarak, why life is worth celebrating?

What makes life so precious? If we were to live forever after death and our souls are eternal, physical existence can be taken for granted. Death becomes meaningful and could serve as a welcome milestone towards a never-ending life. One never finds anything precious in abundance. It is always scarce, and it is this very scarcity that makes it valuable and priceless. The idea that life is precious comes from a notion buried deep in our genetic makeup that life is transient, it precedes and succeeds nothingness. A thoughtful Rooh Afza Zindagi Mubarak campaign celebrates the very essence of life. 

The other day I was reading a statement by Shoaib Akhtar. He was of the view that advertising in Pakistan has gone off-track. He had his reasons to criticize some obnoxiously glamourous adverts that sometimes make little sense. Advertising experts generally, and broadly split campaigns into two; functional (direct message to sell a product) and thematic (indirect message given creatively). Rooh Afza Zindagi Mubarak falls in the latter category.

Rooh Afza Zindagi Mubarak Campaign.

Winter is here to stay. This part of the year is not the right time to be thinking about cold beverages and Rooh Afza does not make any exceptions. But since the campaign is a thematic one, we can look at it from a different perspective; image building. Unlike the majority of Rooh Afzah ads, this TVC is not about showing product consumption in every other shot. We just see glimpses of the product to keep the brand connected with the overarching idea of life. The campaign is aimed at uplifting the brand image of Rooh Afza.

Sales driven campaigns may achieve their target but they fail to strengthen the bond between the brand and the consumers. Thematic and creative campaigns like Rooh Afza Zindagi Mubarak have the potential to win the hearts of the audience turning them into lifelong loyal customers. Most brands in Pakistan want their campaigns to be creative and at the same time, they try to avail the short-term benefits of a direct functional campaign. It always results in chaos. The brands suffer. 

Hamdard‘s Rooh Afza Zindagi Mubarak campaign has a story to tell. A story of life knitted with emotions, memories, and moments that make us who we are. It is a story of everyone and no one. A saga that life keeps narrating over and over again. As we discussed earlier, life is a chance of a lifetime to live and be happy. We have come from nothingness and nothingness there is that awaits us. The campaign gives us a very clear message to seize the opportunity of life and celebrate it as best as we could.