Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz tie the knot as rumors come true


Nobody has the right to invade the personal lives of starts or anybody for that matter and Sadaf Kanwal and Shehroz are no exception. But the idea of keeping the personal affairs of celebrities personal is too idealistic to be true. Celebrities around the world pay the price of their fame and fortune by compromising their personal life.

The marriage of Shahroz Sabwari and Sadaf Kanwal is none of your business as Behroze Sabzwari rightly pointed out when asked to comment on the news. One could wish things to be simpler as that. Mostly celebs in order to gain media attention bring their personal life to public limelight.

The separation of Shahroz and Syra broke the hearts of many fans. Nobody wanted to see the gorgeous couple separated. When eventually the worse came to pass amid mistrust and allegations Shahro denied all speculations of his relationship with Sadaf Kanwal. In fact, later in his video messages he lambasted all those people who hinted at the possible marriage between him and Sadaf Kanwal.

Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz tie the knot.

Had Shahroz kept his personal problems and family affairs to himself there might not have been no discussion on the topic in the media both social and mainstream. We live in the era of media that has come of age. The digital world and social media are the new kingmakers. It is not fair to blame media for the coverage when it doesn’t suite you and when it does all is well.

All the rumors that were circulating that Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz are getting married have come true despite the latter’s repeated denials. The fans of Syra will be furious as lies Shahroz told everyone have surfaced.

Due to Coronavirus the nikah ceremony was kept low key. The nikha pictures have been posted on Instagram accounts of both celebrities. Sadaf Kanwal, Shahroz and his parents can be seen together in one of the pictures that confirms the marriage.

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