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Samsung or Huawei: the world’s first 8K 5G TV

Electronic brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Apple etc. are investing more on research and development than on production and supply chain networks. These companies are so aggressive in creating highly sophisticated and innovative appliances that it is becoming difficult for the science fiction genera to be acutely imaginative.

Samsung has recently teamed up with SK Technologies to develop first 8K 5G capable TV of the world. The TV would give super ultra-high definition resolution that will dwarf 4K screens. The internet connectivity with 5G would take entertainment to the next level.

Samsung will enable users to download VR stuff with ease. SK Telecom is a South Korean company working on the reception of 5G internet. This renowned tech company is going to give Samsung a competitive edge over other companies.

Samsung and Huawei are in a race to produce world's first 8K TV.

Samsung is not the only one in the race to achieve that feat. Huawei has also announced to launch its 8K 5G TV. Chinese companies are vigorously working on new technologies like 5G internet. Zong is a Chinese company who has recently tested 5G internet in Pakistan with success.

Fawad Chaudhry, Minister of Science and Technology, would be delighted to hear this news. He is always eager make Pakistan a technologically advanced country. In his recent statement Fawad Chaudhry has shown the government’s intention to introduce driverless cars in Pakistan within a span of a few years.

High end technologies are now globally accessible. Since the world is a global village the dependence of underdeveloped countries on advanced technologies has increased manifolds. Such countries including our own hardly contribute to the development of science and technology.

Samsung or Huawei’s 8K TVs seem to be ahead of even our needs of entertainment. Will the existing Bluray or digital cable keep up with the 8K technology? If a Bluray disc is capable of displaying 4K resolution, how would we get the full scale of 8K resolution? Any tech savvy person would be better able to answer these questions.