Shirt & Tie Shop: a journey from worthless to ruthless

A wise man once said, “it takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one.” For a brand, it always takes years to become worthy of its customers’ trust and loyalty. On the contrary, it takes just one instant to lose it all. The worth of Uniworth Shirt & Tie Shop has dissolved into thin air. As they say, the bad news travels faster than the good one; Uniworth’s poor customer service is spreading with the potential to undo its brand prestige much faster than the brand could ever imagine.

A few days ago, I wrote about an incident of a bad after-sales experience of Mr. Afzaal Haider at Uniworth’s Shirt & Tie Shop. The case as I had already mentioned in the other blog post was simple, a matter of changing the shirt size. But a mistake was committed. Instead of admitting that mistake, the sales staff kept repeating one blunder after another.

Mr. Afzaal had demanded the size to be replaced. The staff was insistent that the shirts could be altered without any problem. The problems did arise after several failed alteration attempts. The shirts are now not worthy to be put on.

The blog that I wrote earlier fell on deaf ears. I shared the article on Uniworth’s social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. There was no response. The brand has committed another mistake of ignoring the voice of digital media. Once it gets viral, no power on earth can stop it from doing what it does.

Uniworth’s Shirt & Tie Shop is doing business in 2021 but one gets the impression that it has not come out of its cradle of 1971. The immaturity shown by the brand will cannibalize its brand image sooner or later.

Shirt & Tie Shop by Uniworth.

Mr. Afzaal, a loyal customer yet extremely disappointed does not want to go to consumer court. All he asked for was a replacement. He will never set foot in the Shirt & Tie Shop again but it will not be him who will be walking away from the brand but also his family, friends, and a large circle of his social acquaintances.   The worthless customer service of Uniworth is now turned ruthless. They sent a tailor to Mr. Afzaal’s House to pick the remaining shirts for alteration. They are blindly making mistakes at the cost of their customer’s annoyance and discomfort. The high-ups of Uniworth management should take immediate action otherwise its lame customer service will inflict irreparable damage to the brand.

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