Sindhco takes nutraceutical industry by storm

What is life? What is the purpose of the existence of our physical beings? To answer such questions, generations of philosophers and thinkers have spent their lives in quest of a satisfying answer. Although humankind is still searching for a conclusive explanation; there are answers that are convincing nonetheless. Sindhco Nutraceuticals’ launch campaign elucidates the purpose of life in just two words ‘Feel Good’.

Sindhco Biotin for healthy hair.

The campaign on social media started a few days ago with teasers asking questions like what makes you feel attractive? What makes you feel confident? And eventually taking the audience to the bigger question what makes you feel good? The question is an answer in itself humanity has been lurching to find. The purpose of life is to Feel Good. All living beings struggle and toil to escape pain, misery and suffering. The goal is to achieve comfort, love, happiness and a state of ecstasy just to feel good.

Conceived, produced and executed on mainstream and digital media by Media Professionals, Sindhco launch campaign is one of its kind. It is going to be a trend setter in the nutraceutical industry. No nutraceutical brand in Pakistan including Nutrifactor, Herbiotics and Nature Bounty among others, has ever created a campaign as powerful as Sindhco’s Feel Good. The campaign is launched simultaneously on mainstream and digital media.

The modern lifestyle of today comes at a price. We have traded our physical wellbeing for gadgetry convenience. The resultant deficiencies of various kinds in our body could result in deadly diseases. And that’s where the nutraceutical as well as pharmaceutical companies jump in. In the last few decades the consumption of multivitamins has increased around the world. The growing awareness and an increasing concern for physical wellbeing has led a large majority of people to consider taking multivitamins and minerals.

Multivitamin benefits

Sindhco has got everything right form the word go. Taking onboard Dur-e-Fishan Saleem as a brand ambassador is a trump card. Dur-e-Fishan Saleem is one of the most sought after celebrity right now. She has given one hit drama after another in a very short span of time. It is not just the campaign idea that is going to make a stir in the industry but it is also the celebrity power that will deal a hefty blow to the competition. Celebrity endorsement adds credibility to the brand. The consumer subconsciously starts to trust the brand. In the long run the brand identity stays in the minds of the targeted audience creating loyal customers and higher sales.  

Sindhco cast and crew. Sindhco model name.

Sindhco offers a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements that takes care of deficiencies in your body and keeps you healthy and happy. Some of the key Sindhco products include Bexzit, Gluthion, Biotin, Myoforte 3G, Ginko S, Ferivit F, Stieg Q, and Ezo D.