Solar energy gives real savings, claims new Inverex TVC


The electricity tariffs are jumping up every other month. Naturally people are now turning to solar energy. Inverex has timed its campaign perfectly. After the drama and suspense that the teaser had created the TVC has now revealed by Inverex.

With all the drama and tension the robber pulls the trigger. The chamber turns out to be empty. He says “bachat ho gae teri” to which the man of the house says boisterously “bacha! bhala ye bhi koi bachat hoi, asal bachat hoti ha Inverex solar inverter say”. The character then explains all the benefits and features of solar energy as well as Inverex on-grid inverters.  

Solar energy can earn you money with on-grid solar inverters.

Last month Sky Electric introduced the concept of on-grid solar systems with net metering in Pakistan. Inverex has responded very quickly by launching its own on-grid solar inverters that are capable of net metering.

Net metering is a unique feature of on-grid inverters. If you are producing extra solar energy the additional will be fed back to the grid. The more you produce the higher you can earn by selling it to the national grid.  

Inverex is offering 5-year warranty for its on-grid pure sinewave inverters. It’s a good marketing strategy to gain the trust of the customers. Solar energy has been a sector with little competition. But now with the induction of big players like Sky Electric and Intelli Energie the market is becoming aggressive which is a healthy sign.

The TVC does not rise above average. The concept is typical, execution is flimsily but the product story has a strong message about savings through net metering. If hammered correctly with small adapts the campaign could give good results. Inverex is maturing as a brand. From small budgeted celebrity endorsements the brand is now producing proper TVC commutations. It is hoped that Inverex will create better communications with more thought out creatives in the days to come.