Sonam Kapoor says she is the reason Fawad is a star

In a recent interview, Sonam Kapoor has revealed a lot of things about herself and the Pakistani Superstar Fawad Khan. Talking to Filmfare, Sonam claimed that it was she who got Fawad the role in Khubsoorat. She implied that Fawad’s big break in Bollywood was because of her.

Sonam Kapoor has failed as an actress. She admitted this fact herself saying “Do you know how much effort it took to make Khoobsurat? No hero wanted to work with me because it was called Khoobsurat. I had to get Fawad Khan from Pakistan. And look at what happened. Fawad became a huge star.”

It is hard to take her statement as a compliment for Fawad. It has multiple meanings. First; Fawad Khan is a star because Sonam Kapoor favored him to get the role in Khoobsurat. Second; since no hero was willing to work with her, Fawad was chosen as the least desirable option.

Sonam Kapoor did not say that Fawad was given a chance because of his talent and star power. She gave him credit for becoming a star but only after the success of Khubsoorat. She only praised Fawad for not being hesitant to play the role alongside the female lead.

Sonam Kapoor claims she made Fawad Khan a star in Bollywood.

Sonam has not been able to hit the high note in her career yet. Neither critics nor fans can place her in the list of stars like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, or Kareena Kapoor. Being the daughter of Anil Kapoor she is also tagged with nepotism. It has done her more harm than good.

Fawad Khan is a much better actor than most of the Indian heroes. Sonam should have given Fawad the credit for being a good actor. His success in Bollywood is due to his charisma as a hero and mature acting.

Fawad Khan came to limelight with Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Kay Liye. After proving his talent as an actor in Drama serials, Fawad became a top celebrity in Pakistan. Success in Bollywood was just another milestone in his showbiz career.

Fawad Khan fans are anxious to see him on the big screen reprising the role of Maula Jutt in Bilal Lashari’s The Legend of Maula Jutt. The film is expected to hit the cinemas at the end of 2019.