StormFiber stirs a storm in a teacup

It is possible to live without a lot of things but not internet. The phenomenon, a privilege not more than a couple of decades ago, is now a household necessity. Despite being a necessity, we are still asking for better service, better rates and more speed. The new TVC campaign by StormFiber is likely to shake the competition to get things moving in the right direction.

Stormfiber TVC campaign

After watching the impressive future embracing TVC I made up my mind to discontinue my slow yet expensive internet connection and go for StormFiber. The website I logged on to was in line with ‘Storm into the Future’ campaign visuals. Usually brands do not synchronize their campaigns across all platforms, and websites are often the most neglected. Anyhow, I got the number and talked to one of their representatives. To my utter disappointment, I was told that the service was not available in my area.

I started a little research on my own and asked friends as well as close and distant relatives to find out whether StormFiber was available in their area. Majority of them replied in the negative.

There is absolutely no doubt that advertising creates brand awareness and generates demand as a result. The question is how StormFiber is going to handle the rising demand with a limited network covering only 18 cities across Pakistan. These 18 cities too are not fully covered by the service provider.

Faysal Quraishi StormFiber ad

One strategy behind this Faysal Quraishi starrer could be to retain the customer that the service provider might be losing to PTCL and other emerging service providers. The other could be the logical expansion it might be aiming for. The expansion, if there is any, should have been rapid enough to meet the demand created by the campaign; otherwise, the effort would be fruitless. As far as campaign idea and execution is concerned, nothing extraordinary has been dished out. It has become a cliché to show a humanoid while representing the futuristic advancements. The campaign line is too obvious to be any creative. On a basic marketing level, the campaign has its merits. The presence of the celebrity helps the brand to deliver the message to the audience loud and clear. The major problem remains, as pointed out earlier, how the growing demand will be entertained by StormFiber.

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