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Suzuki Alto VXL price tag goes over 1.4 million


The wave of price hike is going unabated. After the increase in petroleum prices, there is another bad news for commuters and car enthusiasts. Pak Suzuki has raised the prices of Suzuki Alto and Suzuki Vitara GLX.

The automobile industry is currently experiencing a rough ride. Local car manufactures are finding it hard to keep their production plants running. The weakening buying power of the consumers has affected the sales of major automobile brands in the country.

Suzuki Alto and Vitara prices have gone up.

In such a scenario it must have been a difficult decision for Pak Suzuki to raises the prices. The top of the line Alto VXL has become the most expensive of the lot with PKR 1,433,000. Alto VXR is worth PKR 1,238,000 and Alto VX PKR 1,135,000. The new price of Suzuki Vitara GLX is now PKR 4,990,000. This was announced in a revision notice circulated by Pak Suzuki.

Suzuki Alto VXL is a fully equipped car with some of the safety features not present in other variants but still the car cannot be considered a luxury item. If you look at Alto from the marketing stand point, it is positioned for young people who start their new life as professionals. But in today’s economic crunch and high inflation, can a young professional in Pakistan afford to buy a car which costs more than 1.4 million.

There is nothing wrong with the positioning of the car but there is certainly gravely wrong with our economy. Not to mention the sedans like Civic or Corolla that cost around 3.5 million, a working class professional cannot even think of buying an Alto which is the smallest of them all.

The world is shifting from fueled cars to hybrid and electronic vehicles. The government should invite investors and companies who specialize in producing electric cars. China is one of the major players that is working innovatively to bank on electrically powered automobiles. If we could embrace that change today Pakistan will be a greener and prosperous country tomorrow.