Swvl is going places with promotional Qabool Hai campaign


To be single is always a blessing. For all those boys and girls who are not married yet, there is a good news. Swvl Qabool Hai campaign is offering would be brides and grooms free honeymoon trip to Dubai and free Swvl rides for friends and family.

Swvl is an app-based bus service that is creating waves around the country. The service is already catering to the needs of thousands of commuters in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Within a couple of months Swvl has overtaken its much older competitor Airlift, another app-based bus service.

The marketing strategy of Swvl is more dynamic and aggressive than Airlift. Free rides to start with, the initial fare of Swvl was as low as Rs. 20 to encourage commuters to use the service. The strategy has worked for the company as people are talking about it in offices, schools, colleges and other institutions. The word of mouth has done what millions of rupees of advertising may not have achieved.

In a country where public transport is more of a punishment than anything else, a service like Swvl or Airlift is a welcome change. The busses reach their stops right on time and the passengers travel seat-by-seat in a comfortable and respectable manner.

Qabool Hai campaign is a testimony to Swvl’s effective marketing strategy. The campaign promo is creating a lot of stir on social media. The 30 seconder promo shows a coaster adorned with flowers providing perfect services on a wedding. The promo is simple and so is the promotion. Swvl has explained it in 4 easy steps.

Swvl Qabool Hai campaign is on.

Step 1. Tag your fiancé in the comment section on facebook.

Step 2. A tracking promo code will be created with the user’s name (no discount is available on this particular code).

Step 3. Share the promo code with friends and family.

Step 4. Ask them to take maximum rides using your promo code.

The company will track your promocodes during the upcoming 10 days and the most used promo will win honey moon trip to Dubai. As the wedding season is in full swing, Swvl is likely to benefit from this consumer promotion. Winners of Qabool Hai will be announced on Saturday, December 14, 2019.