TCL Pakistan and McDonald’s bring ‘Bolti Band Offer’

When do we use the expression ‘Bolti Band’? Usually when we are able to silence someone with a logical argument or a bold and unmatched action. Whatever the case, the term is always meant to be offensive and intimidating. Though the consumer promotion by TCL Pakistan and McDonald’s is attention-grabbing and mouth-watering at the same time, yet the phrase ‘Bolti Band’ does not go well neither with the promotion nor with the brand image of both TCL and McDonald’s.

As far as the creative idea is concerned, ‘Bolti Band’ makes sense. But when you add the word ‘offer’ with the term, it somehow includes all the audiences, targeted or otherwise. As we all know, the title of the consumer promotion is always developed with the consumer in mind because it’s a call to action for consumers. So, there is no room for being rude or offensive in the least. In my view, TCL Pakistan and McDonald’s could have shown more sensitivity while selecting the campaign title.

TCL Pakistan and McDonald's consumer promotion.

The 1 minute and 42 seconds long DVC (Digital Video Commercial) nicely unfolds a story that blends in both brands seamlessly. The spot-on performances by Ali Rehman Khan and Gohar Rasheed make the DVC interesting till the end. The secret of good storytelling is simplicity. The simpler the story the lesser the strain on the minds of the audience. Above all, it’s fun to watch.   

TCL Pakistan, through this campaign, is offering 30 4K Smart LED TVs to those who buy McDonald’s Sharebags. But things aren’t as rosy as they look in the DVC. Winning the QLED is subjected to the Lucky Draw. It’s not like winning the TV in your MacDonald’s drive-through like Ali Rehman and Gohar Rasheed do. Entering the lucky draw is a procedure in itself. You don’t just have to buy a Sharebag, you are required to do more. On every purchase of the Sharebag, you will be given a coupon. To make this coupon count you have to download McDonald’s app on your phone. Once you get the app, find the TCL banner on the homepage. Click that banner and enter the details of the coupon. You are now qualified to win QLED via lucky draw. The winner of the campaign that runs till the end of January 2021 will be announced on the social media pages of TCL Pakistan and McDonald’s.