Teeli Chai Ka Bohran: Why everybody is talking about it?


What’s so special about Teeli Chai Ka Bohran? Why it is going the rounds on social media? There are a lot of things that we take for granted and Chai is one them. Has the time come to take things seriously? Do we realize the importance and value of tea in our lives? Teeli certainly does.   

Visualize a world without tea. It is like imagining the unimaginable. Life would be empty, meaningless and most of all absurd. The day would not start without morning tea and if the day had not started the rest of it would be pointless.

Good marketing strategy by Tapal to go for Teeli Chai Ka Bohran

Teeli Chai Ka Bohran in association with Tapal Danedar is a DVC of sorts. The video is important in ways more than one. On the creative side, the concept, script, acting and production leaves little for criticism. The strength of the idea makes it an ideal viral content. Written by GulZaib Shakeel the film is directed by Ammar Alee Danish & Murtaza Alizai. The cast includes Iqra Shahid, Ammar Alee Danish, GulZaib Shakeel, Namrah Sikander, Afsaryab, Akhtar Ghazali, Sofiya, Ali Abbas Naqvi, Ibaad Shah, Mehwish and Shazil Farooqi.

Content marketing is the most important thing, if not the only one, while making a digital marketing strategy. It is more than just a challenge to attract and retain audiences. It requires a team of creative geniuses and marketing gurus to pull out something impactful. Teeli Chai Ka Bohran is a case in point. After all viral content is all that matters.

Teaming up with Tapal Danedar, Teeli has produced a content that has raised the bar for digital marketers around the county. It is not the first time that they have churned out something powerful. A web series called Summer Love in association with Cornetto was also an effective attempt to attract audiences from the world of online.

Blogs, Vlogs and YouTube channels have changed the way content, marketing or otherwise, was created and distrusted. It is now easier to publish or broadcast yourself yet the competition is more competitive than ever.

Teeli Chai Ka Bohran has social, cultural and economic undertones. It is also a stark reminder of where our country is heading. With rising inflation, exponential population growth, unabated corruption, and lack of literacy we may have to face crisis worse than ‘Chai Ka Bohran’.