Tenet release date revealed, time for some time travelling

BY ALI NAQVI – It’s been months since we have experienced any movie on the silver screen. Most of us have seen more movies and TV shows during the last few months than we could ever watch had everything been normal. The longing for the big screen cannot be satisfied with our screens at home. Movie buffs all over the world are waiting for Tenet release date and other blockbusters like No Time to Die, Wonder Woman 1984, and Top Gun: Maverick.

The world has finally crawling back to normalcy. Lockdowns are easing. Cinemas are gearing up for new releases. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet that was rescheduled to be released on 30th July 2020 is now pushed back to 12th August 2020. The delay for the second time is not a welcome news for cinema lovers.

Tenet is being considered the most complex movie by Nolan yet. The juxtapositions of time and space, life and after life, reality and illusion are enough to drive one crazy. This is the not the first occasion that the director has brought the concepts of physics and metaphysics together. We have seen the glimpses of the alternate reality in his movies like Inception and Interstellar.

Tenet release date is now July 30, 2020.

Nolan’s obsession with time gives his movies a tempo, a rhythm manifested mostly in action sequences and particularly in the sound track of the movie. Without the thrilling and intriguing score by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer Nolan’s movies could have lost a lot of weight. This time there is no Hans Zimmer to lead the orchestra for Tenet. This would be the major test for the director and the music composer Ludwig Göransson to live up to the expectations.

Despite the new Tenet release date the movie is likely to have limited screens in Europe, fewer in America and fewer still in Asia as Coronavirus is still a potent threat in a majority of countries. As social distancing is in practice cinemas are least important places to reopen.

COVID-19 has effected different people in different ways. Staying at home and social distancing has affected a lot of people psychologically. Some have given in to obsessive compulsive disorder while others have come under depression. In such a situation, when Government of different countries are easing lockdowns including Pakistan where the pandemic is at its peak, cinemas can play an effective role in pulling people out of their developing psychological problems.

It is hoped that world cinema will gradually revive and Tenet release date will not be pushed back any further. Time is of essence. If vaccine for coronavirus was developed in time the world will be able to push the present to the past and embrace a future of progress, prosperity and above all healthy living.

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