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Tesla gears up for level 5 autonomous driving technology

BY ALI NAQVI – Rome was not built in a day, neither was today’s most advanced technology. Tesla has spent years in developing auto-driven vehicles and now Elon Musk’s highly valued motor company is all set to gain level 5 autonomous driving technology.

Currently, the Auto-Pilot feature allows the driver to take his/her hands off the steering wheel while the car drives itself on the road. The feature essentially relies on the presence of a driver to take control in case the car does not find the necessary road instructions.

Tesla all set to achieve level 5 autonomous driving technology.

Level 5 technology is going to be a big step towards putting driverless cars on the road. It will set the wheels on motions without any input from the driver. In a video message at the inauguration of the annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, Chief Executive Tesla Motors Elon Musk said that he was confident that level 5 technology will happen very quickly. “It would make the dream of fully autonomous car possible”, he said.

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The world of technology is moving forward with rapid advancements. If you are not interested in technology news and don’t follow the latest scientific developments you will fall prey to a school of thought that argues that science cannot solve every problem. Science is a progression of human thought, ideas, and accumulation of verifiable knowledge. It has done wonderous things from inventing electricity to harnessing the energy of sub-atomic particles.

Elon Musk is emerging as the next Bill Gates, whose work has the power to change the entire planet. He is working in the green energy sector along with his most ambitious project yet, a manned mission to Mars. The project is called space X.

The science of today is narrowing the domain of the “impossibility” even the contemporary science fiction movies hardly seem improbable. Driverless cars were an impossibility a century ago. Tesla may be the first automaker to develop and market this technology but it will not be the last one. In a few decades, driverless cars will not even be a luxury. Just like we don’t marvel to look at the miraculous smartphone devices every day, we will be using cars like Tesla for our daily commuting needs.