Test Cricket comes to Pakistan

Good news for Pakistan cricket. The country is all set to host Sri Lanka for the test matches. Two test matches will be played in Lahore and Karachi respectively.

PCB had been in talks with the Sri Lankan board to play the World ICC Test Champion that eventually succeeded. In the first phase of the championship Pakistan will face Australia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. The tournament starts from the end of this year. The detailed schedule is yet to be announced. Top 9 test teams will fight to win the test crown. The final of the 3-year long event will be played in 2021 between the top two teams.

Test cricket is likely to come to Pakistan in 2020.

Pakistan was deprived of the test cricket in 2009 when an unfortunate incident happened in Lahore. Pakistan Cricket suffered a heavy loss and cricket lovers had to wait a very long time to see their stars back in action.

PCB has been trying to bring international cricket back to Pakistan ever since the ill-fated attack on the Sri Lankan team happened. The efforts bore fruit when Zimbabwe agreed to tour Pakistan in 2015. The tour proved to be the first drop of rain.   

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is also playing a vital role in speeding things up. The final of the second PSL edition was played in Lahore in 2017. Since then year after year more PSL matches are being arranged in Pakistan.

The difficult times are over but the destination is still a few paces away. Let’s hope that international cricket will be completely restored to Pakistan very soon.  

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