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The only nuclear power in Muslim world shouldn’t feel toothless


What if Pakistan attacks India and moves its forces inside Indian occupied Kashmir? The world will be shocked. International powers and mediators would jump in straightaway to stop the situation from escalating. India would try everything to keep Pakistan out of its territories. The conflict could be disastrous with the grave possibility of a nuclear war.

India has more reason to fear that. The legalization of Kashmir occupation is not without guilt and apprehensions. But unfortunately India does not seem to feel that pressure. On the other hand PTI government representatives, including state and federal ministers, had been saying that if India attacks Pakistan will retaliate with full force.

Pakistan nuclear program has second strike capability.

Why would India attack Pakistan? India has made its move. It is our turn now. There are no two opinions that war is not a solution to anything. But that does not mean that the threat of war is pointless. It is the threat of war rather nuclear war between India and Pakistan that makes Kashmir issue worth solving.

Practically speaking the world does not bother about innocent lives being lost or the worst humanitarian crisis created by Modi led BJP government. Economic and strategic interests of states are the only things that matter. There is no ethics in politics, never has been.

Kashmir issue has reached a point where things could be decisive. Having a rightful, legal and humanitarian stance is not everything. We should remind the world that Indian misadventures could be devastating for the entire region and the world.

Having successfully tested its nukes in May of 1998, Pakistan is the only nuclear power in the Muslim world. Although we will not and should not use the weapon, yet it is alarming why we haven’t tried atomic diplomacy. It is the only option we have.

Iran is not a nuclear power but it has used its nuclear program for atomic diplomacy. It has outmaneuvered the neighboring Saudi Arabia, regional Israel and the super power America to safeguard its strategic and political interests.

We are not economically stable. Our internal divisions are greater than ever. Nuclear capability is the only plus we have. Our missile technology is advanced enough to take nuclear warheads anywhere in India. Pakistan also enjoys the Second Strike Capability which means that if India strikes first Pakistan would still be able to strike a nuclear blow.

If not fear, the world should at least take Pakistan seriously. We need to show aggression on diplomatic forums to gain some ground on the Kashmir issue. We should not be defensive when we have nothing to lose. While Trump is in the White House, we should not shy away from using our trump card, atomic diplomacy.

We all know the fate of United Nations resolutions. It is time to tell the international community that things might go out of hand if the Kashmir issue was not solved peacefully in accordance with the wishes of the people of Kashmir.

All we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. This inability to learn has punctuated human history with great wars. Will we be able to stop the next one from coming?