Uber launches ‘Safety Never Stops’ campaign


Commuting in Pakistan has never been an easy task. Public transport is substandard and there are severe issues of availability as well as accessibility. In such a situation Uber has become an indispensable option for most commuters in Pakistan. Though its expense for everyday use yet it has filled the void for people who needed comfortable and safe transportation.

Recently Uber has beefed up some of its safety features for the convenience and protection of its customers. The recent campaign ‘Safety Never Stops’ educates commuters how to make use of the new safety features. Let’s have a look.

Safety Centre

If Uber is concerned about your safety, you should also. There is an in-app Safety Centre that lets you know what is being done to keep you safe. All you need to do is tap the shield icon to access Safety Centre.

2-way Ratings

It’s important how the driver drives and behaves but it is equally important how a passenger behaves while using the service. The 2-way Rating system is designed to strike a balance between the driver and passenger only to improve the overall experience. It also insures the safety of the driver and the passenger.

Driver Hour Limits

The physical fitness and mental alertness of a driver is of paramount importance. A fatigued and overworked driver can be a safety risk for himself and his passenger. To keep everyone safe Uber has set a reasonable limit to consecutive driving hours. When the limit is crossed the app automatically locks the driver out of the system. This allows him to rest and refresh to be able to drive again in safety.

Uber has launched Safety Never Stops campaign for the safety of the commuters.

Phone Number Anonymization

Most people believe that using Uber may compromise their personal phone number that could be troublesome in future. To address this issue the app is updated to protect personal information of the rider. The phone number or any other personal detail is not revealed to the driver at any time.

Emergency assistance

In case of emergency prompt action is always required. The app now provides the facility to call local emergency services instantly for the convenience of everyone. It does not matter where you are, what matters is that you are safe.

24/7 Customer Support

You are never alone. The 24/7 Customer Support ensure that all your questions get answered. It is now easy and hassle free to talk to Uber regarding everything. So your Uber app is the ticket to a safe journey taking you to your desired destination.

On your next ride, keep all the above in your mind and drive safe.