Ufone TVC and the idea of pure friendship


Why would someone step out of a running car to help someone? Why someone could be so selfless to care for others? What is friendship and what binds two people together irrespective of cast, gender, creed or color? Friendship is certainly the only human relation that thrives without greed or interest of any kind. But there are certain things that friends desperately seek from one another. Emotional, moral and psychological support are the fruits of a healthy friendship. My reflections on friendship was partly triggered by one of my friends and partly by watching the recent Ufone TVC – Tez Internet aur Saaf Awaaz.

Although the Ufone TVC just skims the surface of the idea of friendship and does not get philosophical, nor it needed to be, yet it sets us thinking. In a materialistic world and increasingly busy and demanding urban lifestyle a true friend is hard to find. The changes in our world and the revolutions in our daily living have not failed to transform our relationships. What remains unchanged is our need to communicate, share and exchange thoughts and ideas. Letter writing is replaced by email, SMS, WhatsApp while distances are bridged by video calls and most recent hologram technology.  

If a young executive, who spends more than 8 hours at his job, cannot find time to play cricket with his friends everyday he certainly can come online to play at his leisure. This is the small insight used in Ufone TVC to highlight superior coverage and connectivity. The story of the Ufone TVC under discussion goes like this; a young executive is shown working late in the office. He receives a call from his friend who was waiting for him at a wedding function. The hour is late and it seemed highly unlikely for the friends to meet at the function. They finally come online to play together.

Ufone TVC and how friends can stay connected with Tez Internet aur Saaf Awaaz

When the friends come online to play PUBG, one of the most famous games of recent times, the voiceover starts and the brand kicks in. The very first line of the voiceover links friendship with Ufone’s Saaf Awaaz and Tez Internet. The idea is simple and simply put into an interesting concept and story. With just 32 seconds in length the Ufone TVC delivers the message clearly and effectively.

Among the clamor of telecommunication companies hard-selling all kinds of packages, the Ufone TVC stands out with the power of simplicity. The creative strategy has worked which will go a long way to support the marketing strategy as well.