Uniworth Shirt & Tie Shop faces lawsuit for damages

This is my third article criticizing the irresponsible, unprofessional, and unethical behavior of Uniworth Shirt & Tie Shop. In my previous two blogs about the same issue, I have been very thorough and articulate as to what, when, where, why, and how things went wrong between the brand and one of its loyal customers.

To err is human, but to cover it up with more blunders creates a mess that is hard to fix. Uniworth Shirt & Tie Shop has been consistent in committing one mistake after another with no serious attempt to fix the real issue.

Mr. Afzaal Haider, a loyal Uniworth customer, has been waiting and hoping that the brand might solve the issue. Instead of facilitating the customer, Shirt & Tie Shop representatives kept irritating Mr. Afzaal. First, they took all the shirts for alteration (ruined them all), and now one of their representatives came to his house and took the shirt that was a perfect fit.

As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures’ Mr. Afzaal has moved the court. A lawsuit claiming damages has been filed against Uniworth Shirt & Tie Shop. The plaintiff will be entitled to receive Rs 0.5 million if the court decides to rule in his favor.

An ordinary customer-service matter has now become a matter of brand repute. Shirt & Tie Shop can ignore the voice of a humble blogger like me, but it will not be in its power to stop or ignore the press and electronic media from reporting the case.

The COVID-hit market is more competitive and cutthroat than it ever was. Brands are forced to change the way they used to make strategies and even the ways of interaction with their customers. In such a tense and sensitive situation a brand cannot get away with a mistake as big as offending, mistreating, and psychologically disturbing a customer.

Uniworth Shirt & Tie Shop taken to court for damages.

The filing of the lawsuit will prove to be the decisive turn to the whole affair. The brand may likely try to solve the issue through an out-of-court-settlement but its track record suggests otherwise. Uniworth Shirt & Tie Shop has been behaving like an ostrich. Burying its head in the sand has not paid off. If it kept being an ostrich it will eventually cost the brand its head.

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