Washing powder Brite, it’s time to get things right


When something goes wrong, it’s time to make it right. The eternal conflict between wrong and right is the concept that Brite uses for its recent TVC ‘Brite Sab Right Kardega’. The seemingly pleasant and cheerful 53-second film, with narrative rhymed with right, delight, alright and Brite, is thoughtful and philosophical.

Human thought patterns tend to follow the dualism inherent in our world. We cannot perceive light without darkness, good without evil, day without night, beauty without ugliness, fear without courage and happiness without sadness. This idea of dualism is described in Chinese philosophy as the concept of Yin and Yang.

Brite comes up with a powerful and insightful TVC to engage its target audience.

The TVC can be seen as a subliminal portrayal of the forces of Yin and Yang. It starts with a man coming out of an elevator. As he comes out, he bumps into a girl who splashes coffee on him. Consequently his shirt is stained on the left shoulder. The blot on the shirt is the Yin which has to be ‘Yanged’. To put it simply, the stain cannot exist without its opposite which in our case is Brite.

There are a few brand communications that are built on strong ideas with philosophical underpinnings. The previous communications of Brite were also constructed creatively and thoughtfully. Notably the one that said ‘Har Daagh Ke Peeche Ek Kahani Hoti Hai’ which explored the philosophy of causation.  

‘Brite Sab Right Kardega’ keeps the audience guessing as to what happens next. The brand had the nerve to conceal the product till the end in order to make the climax of the ad more effective and forceful. We also meet the charming Ushna Shah in the last few shots.

When it comes to creative campaigns detergent brands, with the exception of Surf Excel, have struggled to produce strong thematic concepts. But in the last few years Brite has emerged as a brand who knows the value of creative advertising. To become a top of the mind brand you always need a powerful campaign. This time Brite has hit the nail on the head.

It’s the work of a creative mind to mold serious philosophical ideas into simple and delightful narratives. Brite’s creative agency deserves the credit for producing a creative and exiting TVC.